We do platters, special orders for weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, brunches, and favors for your special events. As well as catering for small at home parties.
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Scones-Sweet and Savory

We make it, you bake it! Ready to eat in 20-25 mins right out of your oven. A delicious sweet savory scone in four flavors: Cranberry Pecan, Cinnamon Chip, Cheddar Herb and Everything Scone, crusty on the outside and soft, buttery and warm on the inside. Have our sweet scones with breakfast, at your tea or coffee break mid morning or mid day and our savory scones at lunch with hot soup or as an appetizer with a delectable spread (look on our website under recipes for options). with a beer, a cocktail or wine or as part of your main course. You will delight your family and friends with the taste of a REAL SCONE. Find it in the frozen food section or call for special pick up. Ask your grocer if they carry it. If not ask them too! Also can come already baked.