We do platters, special occasion orders, unique pastries for brunch and PYO ( Paint Your Own ) cookies for holidays or special occasions. Order to pick up at 560 Mineral Spring Ave. Pawtucket, RI or for online orders
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 Available at the following locations
Custom Orders Welcome:
 for pick up or our kitchen or food trailer located at 560 Mineral Spring Ave., Pawtucket 
Check out Seasonal Specialties
jln.rugelah@gmail.com (If in RI, call, we will try and save you the shipping cost)
401-949-3250 (H) leave message
859-333-9096 (C) 
Sharon, MA Ward's Berry Farm Rugelah bags
Plainville, MA and Norton, MA Tasty's Bagels Rugelah Bags
Rugelah bags
 Rugelah bags 
Rugelah  bags 
Johnson's Roadside Market
bags and wreaths
Coastal Roasters
carries rugelah by the piece
Little Compton
carries rugelah by the piece
Pawtucket Food Trailer  June through September
Home delivery Service 
Farm Fresh/Mobile Market (Distributor) 
Home Delivery
Sims Ave, Providence
Home Delivery Services

Mobile Market




Many of our products can be ordered and brought right to you from these distributors. If they don't have what you want from our list, ask them to get it for you.