We do platters, special occasion orders, unique pastries for brunch and PYO ( Paint Your Own ) cookies for holidays or special occasions. Order to pick up at 560 Mineral Spring Ave. Pawtucket, RI or for online orders
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Nana's Story

    • Authentic, Wholesome, Ethical


    As a young girl in my early teens, I learned how to cook out of necessity.  My nana was responsible for all our home cooked meals while my mother ran her own business. When my nana became ill with heart disease and Parkinson’s ,  I had to take over the family cooking.

    I found baking to be the most fun to make and to eat!. Now that I am retired from my  teaching career, I am able to bring my signature pastry and my love of baking to a wider audience. I treasure carrying on my family's tradition of  baking and entrepreneurial spirit 


    While I use my Nana's original recipe, I wanted to update it to add healthier ingredients. That's why we use only pure butter, and added healthy organic cold pressed coconut oil.

    Giving back

    Beside bringing healthier traditionally crafted food to customers for the past two years, I have mentored high school students from The Metropolitan Regional High School located in Providence and serving students from all over RI  Besides learning baking skills, they are learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur  



      Enjoy! Karen Griffin, "Nana"